WITF takes the reigns of Central Penn Arts Guide

After nearly five years of continuous operation, the owners of Central Penn Arts Guide (CPAG) Rick Snizik and Patrick Brinkerhoff have passed the reigns to WITF.

The two launched the online Arts Guide in 2009 for the simple reason that many individuals and organizations had difficulty promoting themselves and their work. The guys realized the daunting challenge for those in arts-related professions to get the recognition they need so, The Arts Guide was born.

Patrick and Rick developed the online guide as an informational and promotional website providing news, reviews, schedules, and happenings across a full spectrum of arts in our region.  Although other media channels in the area cover arts-related events, they saw a need for an online resource where this information could be concentrated on the computer and mobile screens of South Central Pennsylvania, easily accessed by the community and traveler.

Today the guide has grown to nearly 6000 arts minded followers; this growth has surpassed their ability to maintain their personal involvement, “We can no longer keep up with the quality of time the Central Penn Arts Guide deserves so, we are donating the site to WITF” said Rick.

Furthermore, Rick said, “WITF, one of our region’s greatest non-profit supporters of the arts has a long standing relationship with the Central Pennsylvania community. The Arts Guide will serve to enhance this relation in the keeping to its original purpose”.

All future press releases and correspondence may be forwarded to arts@witf.org.