New Art on the Curved Wall Exhibition

Beginning Friday, April 12, Whitaker Center is pleased to showcase the latest Art on the Curved Wall display, SEEDS. Presented by the Advanced Painting students of Central Dauphin High School with instruction by Tara Chickey, the exhibition is free to the public and located along the lobby walls of Whitaker Center.

About the Exhibition

Each student developed a personal series of work, utilizing various materials and surfaces. While each artist has vastly different concepts, there is a common thread connecting their art through intimate connections in the classroom.

About Tara Chickey

In addition to being an art teacher at CDHS, Chickey has exhibited her own work in both solo and collective shows throughout Pennsylvania, Washington D.C., Maryland, and Ireland. Chickey is a member of Moviate (Harrisburg’s film co-op), and was co-director/owner of The Mantis Collective.