The Metropolis Collective to Open in Mechanicsburg with Debut Show, “A Taste of Trash”

The Metropolis Collective is pleased to announce their debut show, A Taste Of Trash, at Trash Art Gallery, a series of works by artists Rick Prol, Paul Kostabi, Hucklebuckle Boys, Joseph Arthur, Mark May, Jeremiah Johnson, Alex Ulrich, Danielle Charette, Casey Gleghorn, Liz Parrish, Curt Miller, Rachel Udell, John Carruthers, Lawrence Charles Miller and Janelle Whisenaut in what will be their debut exhibition in Mechanicsburg.

About the Artists

Rick Prol is a 1980s East Village icon, whose work features cartoonish mayhem, death and suicide in dilapidated and decaying settings. He dabbles in a variety of media, including installations, paintings, sculpture and drawings. Much of the inspiration for Prol’s work stems from general childhood trauma. Cartoon expressionism was the language he wanted to use to convey his organic, personal experiences about life. He pulls from the urban realities of city life: brutality, authoritarian relationships, decay and destruction of the world around him, and, more recently, the occupy Wall Street movement.

Paul Kostabi is an artist, musician, music producer and audio engineer. Kostabi was a founding member of the bands Youth Gone Mad, White Zombie, and Psychotica. Paul Kostabi paintings are present in Permanent Collections of Paterson Museum, Guggenheim Museum, New England Museum of Art, Millennium Museum, Whitney Museum of Art, Video, Paper, Tiger Sessions, and the Museion Museum.

Hucklebuckle Boys, Zack Rudy and Garrick Dorsett, are a two-person art collective focusing on the exploratory nature of collaboration and the inner flow experience. They strive to bring real passion and unique talent to the world of art while holding to the idea that improvisation and spontaneity are the heartbeat of the underground do-it-yourself culture. Both artists have varied backgrounds that include graffiti, traditional painting, photography and drawing. They have shown their work together in Rochester, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Lancaster, and several venues in the Harrisburg area. A large installation resides at the Midtown Arts Center.

Joseph Arthur is an artist, musician, and poet. In touch with every nuance of the creative world, Joseph Arthur’s artwork has received much attention from both artistic and musician communities. His works have been featured in MOMAR at La Galerie Chappe in Paris, France, Varga Gallery, We Gallery, and the Bootleg Theatre Gallery, to name a few.

Mark May is a special education teacher who has found a creative outlet through the creation of robots. The robots are created using found and recycled materials which are acquired from flea markets, antique shops, junk yards, and everyday items found on the street. He has shown his work in many venues, such as The Outsider Art Fair and The Others in New York City, and Outsider Art in the Hamptons. He has been featured in Raw Visions magazine and The Folk Art Messenger.

Jeremiah Johnson is a Pennsylvania native. His piece, Idol Hands, is one of a kind. It was created using charcoal, pastel, embossed nickels and dimes on paper. His work is part of several public and private collections including The State Museum of Pennsylvania, Lock Haven University, Susquehanna Health, University of Chicago, Syracuse University, and Temple University.

Alex Ulrich is a photographer residing in Baltimore, Maryland. His work is akin to mid-20th Century aesthetic, pop culture, and the darker side of human nature.

Danielle Charette is a contemporary expressionist. Her work is a highly symbolic form of modern story telling. Her Charette original oil paintings and art have been shown and hang in many galleries throughout the US, and continue to sell both nationally and internationally. Notably, her series “2752 It’s Always the Same” and “Broke in Brooklyn” have been accepted for inclusion by The National September 11th Memorial Museum.

Casey Gleghorn is a Pennsylvania native. He is an outsider artist who uses expressionism and life-drawing studies to express his life experiences.

Liz Parrish is a Pennsylvania native who draws inspiration from her surroundings, the people she cares about, ill-tempered animals, and abandoned places. She utilizes acrylics and pen and ink on wood. Her works are whimsically grotesque and feature distorted, yet almost adorable creatures of her own creation.

Curt Miller is best known for his figurative and expressionistic oil pastels. His subject matter comes directly from his mind and leans towards the enigmatic, the thought provoking, and situations that are out of context.

Rachel Udell is a Pennsylvania native. She is drawn to using soft, comforting, highly textured materials because of their capacity for suggesting forms that feel alive. Her work has been featured at the Nicholas Berg Gallery, The Painted Bride, Midwives Collective and Gallery, and the 3rd Street Gallery.

John Carruthers is an art teacher at various schools. He works in many different media including painting, pastels, etchings and woodcuts.

Lawrence Charles Miller is an expressionist painter. His works have been featured in Albright College’s Freedman Gallery, Emily Harvey Foundation Gallery, Chelsea Art Museum, Exit Art and the Cachifritos Gallery.

Janelle Whisenaut’s works are a reflection of stream of conscious thought, where she creates a combination of both real and invented biologically-inspired forms. Some are solely playful, while others become what they will in a process she describe as artistically empirical.

About Trash Art Gallery 

Trash Art Gallery is run by husband and wife team Richard Reilly and Danielle Charette. Reilly is a former NYC native with 20 years of experience working with the prestigious Adelson Gallery, and is also a professional rock musician and founder of the seminal first wave NYC punk rock band, The Victims, amongst others. Charette is a Harrisburg native who resided in NYC for most of her life prior to returning to the area. She is an emerging contemporary expressionist artist who actively exhibits nationwide with quite a large cult following

Trash Art Gallery exhibits a variety of contemporary art (photography, paintings, mixed media, sculpture, installations and drawings). The gallery represents the talents of many artists locally residing and non-native, emerging and established. Based in Mechanicsburg, PA, Trash Art Gallery is located at 17-19 West Main Street, Mechanicsburg, PA 17055. Gallery hours are Wed-Sat 11-8pm and by appointment].

For more information, please call (717) 458-8245, or visit their website at Also visit them on Facebook at

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