Local Author Makes It Happen

In 1972 Eugenio M. Albano realized a dream to honor his parents at a lavish 50th Wedding Anniversary that was written up by then Social Editor for the Patriot News, Mrs. Bosworth. The article appeared in the August 13th edition of that local newspaper.  Indeed, it was no ordinary celebration: the Pennsylvania Senate passed a resolution honoring the couple for living their entire marriage in the Commonwealth.

Three priests, friends of their son, concelebrated the anniversary mass at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Mechanicsburg and a sit-down dinner was attended by more than 100 guests at the Carlisle Country Club where a complete dance band played for dancing dinner guests and a strolling violinist from Lancaster played favorites at the various dinner tables.

Now, after a 40+ year career in real estate, E. M. Albano has published four books: 3 novels of fiction and a Biographical Novel documenting his mother’s fantastic career as mother of seven, Merchant (owner/operator of a furniture store for 42 years), real estate investor and landlady, and restaurateur.

The author is not content to market his books locally, but will present his latest novel, “Martin’s Story” at two book signings in Paris during the month of June.  This is the fourth year that the author is being welcomed in two of Paris’s most popular and renown eateries: Le Procope is historic in that it was founded in 1686 and is known for hosting such dinner guests as Benjamin Franklin and Robespierre. It offers some of the finest French Cuisine in Paris.  Le Fumoir is a popular meeting place for the Thirty-something crowd of Paris and is known for its upbeat Jazz/Sinatra/Piaf haunting sounds while lunch and dinner guests of notoriety gather. 

Albano was careful in his selection of Book Signing venues. He has also been successful in having his books placed at two of the cities’ most famous bookstores: Shakespeare and Company (made famous by Hemingway) and Brentano’s, located on the Avenue l’Opera. The author will take the opportunity during his month in Paris to work on his next novel, the third in a Trilogy and the Sequel to his first book, “The Widow’s Web.”