Kevin Eubanks – Gettysburg Festival

Straight from his 18-year stint on The Tonight Show, Kevin Eubanks is a gifted musician and prolific composer who wins over audiences with a laid back style. His affability seems to belie the concentration and focus that have made him both a household name for TV viewers and a consummate guitarist.

Eubanks’ final day on The Tonight Show is May 28, and his future plans are completely wide open. Eubanks has jokingly said, “After 18 of playing America into commercials, I’m gonna go somewhere where I can finish a song.” The Gettysburg Festival is proud to present Kevin Eubanks’ concert as one of his first post-NBC appearances. The Festival is also pleased to welcome him back to his native Pennsylvania.

Eubanks, born into a musical household in Philadelphia, moved to New York after attending Berklee College of Music. His career kicked off in earnest and he released his first album Guitarist at the age of 25. Since then, Eubanks has released nearly 20 albums displaying a wide spectrum of styles from smooth jazz to acoustic, to newer electric fusion. 

Eubanks’ music has been heard in virtually every American household as part of The Tonight Show band. He moved to the West Coast in 1992 to assume the guitar spot in The Tonight Show band. In 1995 the band leader’s torch was passed to Eubanks, whose versatility enables him to write and choose music that satisfies the huge and varied audience for the show. As one of the most accomplished guitarists of his or any generation, Eubanks has deservedly become known to millions through music, TV and what so many artists know well, “lots of hard work.”

Kevin Eubanks Performed Recently at The Gettysburg Festival with:

Marvin “Smitty” Smith – Drums
Gerry “Dr. J” Etkins – Keyboards
Rene Camacho – Bass

“It’s wonderful to feel the music surging through you and touching people from the inside out. That’s what happens when everyone is open and the music takes hold. What an honor it is to be invited into so many people’s lives, if only for a brief melodious moment.”  – Kevin Eubanks