Samantha Davenport: Dream a Little Dream

By Samantha Davenport

My art is about me. It took me forever to write this article because I was trying to avoid saying exactly that.  I have a Master’s degree, so it should sound much more complicated and less generalized. Or, at least that’s what they told me in school–that I should have a theme and a technique. When people see it, they know it’s mine. Problem is, I love to do it and curiosity always gets the best of me.  That means the only thing all of my art has in common is progression and experimentation.  There will be no recognizable paintings, sculpture, clothing, graphic design, etc., by Samantha Davenport because I can’t stop playing around.

That being said, I can explain at least some of what I do. The experimentation is easy to see. It applies in theory and technique. My art ranges from whimsical to extremely dark. From oil paintings to oddly concocted sculptural pieces, to graphic art, and more. Soon I will be making clothing. I think I will never stop trying new things.

Much is compelling about religion, at least for a moment anyway. I will never pledge allegiance to any flag. In my art, I look for connections: life to death; soul to spirit; dancing to celebration; circles to squares; my heart to your heart; my mind to your mind; the glue to the button to the plastic dinosaur to the glitter. Why live without playing, without asking questions, without wondering why?

When I talk to people who seem to be rooted in the material world, I feel as though there is a gulf between us and they are the ones missing out on the true reality.  The idea is that life is what you make it. I am lost in my head and I like it there. Please come join me. The water is warm. The way is clear.