Irene Appleyard, Harrisburg’s Master Portraitist


Born in Hawaii, Irene Appleyard now resides in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, where she has a portrait and fine arts studio. She attended Punahou School in Honolulu, Hawaii, has a B.A. in English Literature from Chatham College, and a Diploma in Fine Arts from the Pennsylvania School of Art and Design. She continued her portrait and figure […]

Gary Armstrong of Gary E. Armstrong Studios


The artwork used to celebrate the Newark Peacemaking Summit was created and generously donated by artist Gary Armstrong. Realizing the importance of utilizing his talents to assist those in need, he regularly donates his expertise to create commissioned works for such non-profit organizations as The United Nations Children’s Fund in New York, The Barry Bonds […]

Linda Billet – Mosaic and Fused Glass Artist


I’ve always liked glass. It really is my favorite medium. There are just SO many things you can do with it.  Most of my current work is fused, mosaic or a combination of both.  I use the texture and dimension that is inside the glass as well as on its front and back surfaces.  I […]

David Bottini – Observation and Creativity Informing a Classical Approach to Realism

Harrisburg Artist

I develop a painting by merging keen observation with technical skills and years of practice. My creative process starts on site from direct observation that immediately employs a very sharp optical perception and imagination. I wander through woods or along a stream or canal for hours before finding the perfectly balanced interplay of light and […]

Linda Young, Watercolor Artist

Mount Gretna

Linda Young is a watercolor artist and native of Carlisle, Pa.  Having had no formal education, Linda has progressed from being a part time artist to one very dedicated to having it become her full time career.  Linda’s interest in art began in 2004.   Seeing a watercolor class titled “Free Spirit Watercolor” Linda signed up […]

Jason Lyons – Wildlife Assemblages Formed from Reinterpreted Refuse

Reclaimed Art

Creations from manmade objects discarded as refuse and reinterpreted to form objects found in nature are the  inspirations for my art.  The simple spoon forms the body of a rainbow trout; a discarded children’s toy becomes the foundation for a moose; oil cans transform into armadillos. Who’s to say every spoon handle is not a […]

Keith Rocco, American Painter and Storyteller


In style, subject matter, quality and inspiration, artist Keith Rocco’s work evokes the masters of narrative, historical art: N.C. Wyeth, de Neuville and Pyle. An American painter and storyteller, Rocco continues their legacy, creating visually stunning works that capture the drama of history, recording with care and nuance the details of his vision. It is a vision that has moved him through a lifetime to become one of America’s most sought after narrative painters. Rocco’s paintings have been displayed in special exhibits across the country, including the 1992 Birth of a Nation exhibition in Washington, D.C., and a one-man show titled On Campaign at the Cyclorama Building in the Gettysburg National Military Park in 1994.

James Cashore of The Cashore Marionettes


Biography: Joseph Cashore

At the age of 11, Joseph Cashore created his first marionette from clothespins, wood, string and a tin can. It was while playing with this puppet that he was startled by the sudden but momentary sensation that the puppet was alive. This illusion had nothing to do with the appearance of the marionette and everything to do with the quality of the movement.

After graduation from college Mr. Cashore made his second marionette. He remembered that first marionette from childhood and thought he would try to make a puppet that could sustain and extend that sensation of being alive. He quickly discovered that in order to have the fluid motion he sought; he would have to create his own control designs. For the next nineteen years, while pursuing a career in oil painting, Mr. Cashore experimented with the construction of the marionettes and devised totally new control mechanisms.

James Parker of Veggy Art


James Parker is the current reigning champion of the Fruit Sculpture Challenge Competition on the Food Network.

In 1998, shortly after Parker started his job as Sous Chef at the Ronald Reagan Building/International Trade Center, in Washington D.C. Parker recognized the potential for a “ready-to-use” garnish company, and decided to launch his own, now known as Veggy Art.

James has been featured on the Food Network more than any other fruit and vegetable carver.  He has 3 shows that will air on the Food Network between July and October, as well as, a small segment on the Rachael Ray Show in July.  The Food Network shows include, Sugar Rush, Food Network Challenge, and Chef vs. City.

Wendy Allen of Lincoln Into Art

Abraham Lincoln, by Wendy Allen

Fine artist Wendy Allen’s paintings are clearly focused. Even obsessive in a wonderful way, one might say. You see, for the past twenty seven years, Wendy has completed over 250 paintings of the iconic face of Abraham Lincoln. She executes her deeply moving portraits without a brush, preferring to apply the paint with her fingertips […]