The Climbnasium Arts Show – Sean Arce


The dictionary defines ‘Imagination’ “as the act or power of forming a mental image of something not present to the senses or never before wholly perceived in reality.” My style falls into the category of “pop surrealism” as a self taught painter I have used my fine arts background, apprenticing under a tattoo artist “Frank […]

Glass Artisan Teaches Kids to Dream Big!

Linda Billet

My name is Linda Billet, I am a glass artisan. I normally work out of my Hummelstown studio, but for two weeks this spring, I was able to play with the kids at Midd-West High School. This great opportunity was possible through a grant provided by the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts. I was honored […]

Profile – Violinist Philippe Quint

Philippe Quint

A two-time Grammy Award nominee, violinist Philippe Quint has emerged in recent years as one of the few soloists to combine a remarkable degree of lyricism, poetry and impeccable virtuosity. He has gripped the eyes and ears of audiences in Asia, Australia, Latin America, Africa, Europe and the U.S. with what The Times (London) describes […]

Rachael Gemperline: 20% or Less

metal works

Rachael Gemperline’s BFA Exhibition, 20% or Less, will be exhibited at Mulberry Art Studios throughout the month of December.  This intriguing exhibition, which was inspired by the artist’s cousin Kyle, who suffered from the debilitating disease Cystic Fibrosis, is an interactive show that explore physical constriction.  Viewers are invited to experience the pieces in such a way that […]

Local Author Makes It Happen

Le Fumoir

In 1972 Eugenio M. Albano realized a dream to honor his parents at a lavish 50th Wedding Anniversary that was written up by then Social Editor for the Patriot News, Mrs. Bosworth. The article appeared in the August 13th edition of that local newspaper.  Indeed, it was no ordinary celebration: the Pennsylvania Senate passed a […]

The History of the Lancaster Artwalk

Art Walks have a long history in the City of Lancaster. Back in 1965, the first art walk was organized by the Community Gallery, now the Lancaster Museum of Art. The event was called Art Sunday and occurred on the first Sunday in October. It was a special day for promoting local artists and galleries, […]

Karen Commings – “Dreams and Visions” on Exhibit


Karen Commings artist, writer, photographer and poet currently exhibiting at Gallery at Second, 608 North Second Street, Harrisburg.  Commings’ exhibit “Dreams and Visions,” contains images emanating from the subconscious where both dreams and art originate. She used her photographs of clouds which she manipulated in Photoshop Elements as background for some of the paintings. Alizaron, […]

Dana Bellis American Illustrator Painter


A native of Millersburg, Pennsylvania, Dana started his portrait education in 1988 at the Art Association of Harrisburg. Studying figure drawing from live models, he worked under artists Tina Reiley-Philips and the late Leo Gilroy. In 1993, he graduated from Pennsylvania School of Art & Design. He acquired a Bachelor of Arts from Lebanon Valley […]

Samantha Davenport: Dream a Little Dream


By Samantha Davenport My art is about me. It took me forever to write this article because I was trying to avoid saying exactly that.  I have a Master’s degree, so it should sound much more complicated and less generalized. Or, at least that’s what they told me in school–that I should have a theme […]

Brownyn Jean Hughes — Organic Dynamism on Glass

Brownyn Jean Hughes

Painter Brownyn Hughes put down her brushes several years ago and has no intention of picking them up again anytime soon. Yet she continues to be one of the featured artists at Mechanicsburg’s own Gallerie 13, an edgy art gallery featuring local artists of all mediums, and her February, 2011 show “Crazy Love” is already […]