Brownyn Jean Hughes — Organic Dynamism on Glass

Painter Brownyn Hughes put down her brushes several years ago and has no intention of picking them up again anytime soon. Yet she continues to be one of the featured artists at Mechanicsburg’s own Gallerie 13, an edgy art gallery featuring local artists of all mediums, and her February, 2011 show “Crazy Love” is already being touted as one of the best upcoming art features in the area. So how does she do it sans paint brushes?

Brownyn’s art is best described as abstract, though her organic technique and vivid themes are relatable for everyone. She utilizes gravity as part of her medium, trickling, pouring, and occasionally splashing acrylic paint onto glass surfaces. Then she gently teases the color across the pane by tilting it in various directions. Her keen eye and vibrant energy shape the work until the end result satisfies her. Imagery and dynamic vision infuse each painting in ways that even the casual observer is drawn to.

Her artwork includes beautiful wine glasses and plates, glass globes, and hanging portraits. She occasionally adds UV-sensitive paint, which enhances the mystical and engaging elements of her work even in the dark. There is no denying that each piece carries a unique mark and includes images and symbols that beg to be interpreted by the imagination and soul. A self-taught artist, Brownyn Hughes continues to astound with each new project she creates and is an artist in residence at Gallerie 13.