Cape May, NJ Artists’ Retreat

Art Association Hbg

Artists Mary Anne Lard and Barbara Passeri-Warfel will again be conducting an artist retreat in Cape May,  New Jersey.   The dates are May 16 through 21, 2010.  The cozy Cape May residence is located within walking distance of the beach, charming Victorian homes, and many beautiful locations for on site painting.  It is the perfect haven […]

New York Gallery Director Brian Paul Clamp to Jury the 2010 Photo Review Photography Competition

Brian Paul Clamp, Director of CLAMPART, one of New York’s leading contemporary photography galleries, will be the juror for the 2010 Photo Review Photography Competition. The Photo Review, a highly acclaimed critical journal of photography, is sponsoring its 26th annual photography competition with a difference. Instead of only  installing an exhibit that would be seen by a limited […]

In Our Children’s Shoes: Event Circle Interview with Ashfaq Ishaq, Chairman, International Child Art Foundation

International Child Art Foundation

Creating a world that nurtures children’s innate creativity, fosters their intrinsic empathy, and includes their voices in any deliberation on the future.  International Child Art Foundation is a pioneer in creating public awareness about children’s creative and empathic development and an effective advocate for the rights of children to be creative and empathic.